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Whether you’re a team or an individual agent, LIVLUX will give you the freedom you need to take your business to the next level. Give us a call today to meet our team!

LIVLUX Offers A Real Estate Career On Your Terms! 

There comes a time when agents recognize that time truly is money and money enables us to have the experiences and lives that we want. That’s when high brokerage fees, office drama, constantly changing platforms and systems that require you to conform your proven system to their way of doing things becomes a detriment to your business and holds you back from what you want.

At LIVLUX we believe that no one knows your individual business as well as you do and no one should be deciding how your commissions are spent other than you. That’s why we aim to keep as much of it in your pocket as possible. We want to enable you to decide how, when and where to invest in your business and brand. Only you know what’s going to be most effective for you. We’re always happy to share ideas and activities you can do however the choice is always yours!!


LIVLUX wants to be your catalyst to success!


  • Fairness and Equality
  • Transparency
  • Effective Business Development Solutions and Ideas
  • Dependable Contract Support
  • Highest Quality Transaction Management
  • Flexible, Digital and Positive Working Environment
  • Agent and Team Branding Support
  • Professional Marketing and Design


WITH THE POWER OF LIVLUX and your diligence your business has the flexibility and freedom it needs to grow.




WE AIM TO SET A NEW STANDARD. We realize that our goals cannot be reached unless or agents are properly trained, highly motivated and goal-oriented, client focused with a high emphasis on living an ethical and moral life.


LIVLUX Agents are… 

  • Proud of your actions.
  • Put their client’s interests first.
  • Are service focused, not sales focused.
  • Are clear on their goals and are open to different vehicles that will get them there.
  • Do it the right way the first time, every-time!

If this sounds like you, we want to meet you!


Here’s What We Believe

Our Brokerage is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in our hiring practices of personnel or in our relationships with Brokers from other firms because of race, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, handicap conditions, or familial status.


No other single attribute of a person or business can have such an impact on our success or failure. We believe that every action must be taken with truth and honesty. If we must ask ourselves if it is all right to do something – it probably is not. Honesty in every action, truth in every word. We expect honesty from our employees and our Brokers at all times.



Our clients and customers have a right to expect outstanding service. We are not paid for our time, but for the service we provide. If we expect to be well paid, we must provide the highest level of service possible. We expect our employees and our Brokers to bring their best selves and be willing to do things differently if the situation calls for it. Negative attitudes are contagious, so while we all need to vent on occasions, be considerate of your fellow brokers and step out to do whatever you need to do to address it and move forward in a positive and optimistic light.



We should never undertake an assignment for a client or customer unless we have the training and experience to do the job. We believe in continuing education, for only by learning new ways to provide service can we improve our value to our clients. We expect our employees and Brokers to continue developing their skills on a regular bases.



Sometimes even the most competent professionals make mistakes and we understand this. Our clients and customers must be happy with the transaction, or we will not get repeat business and our licenses can be in jeopardy. If we make a mistake, we must be willing to stand accountable, take responsibility and make it right with the client. We expect our Brokers to be accountable for their mistakes if a client’s expectation is damaged.


An organization can be great when all members are working together as a team: Helping one another when possible, going out of our way to cooperate with each other to where the sum becomes greater than its parts. We expect cooperation from our employees and Brokers so we can all grow together. We support the idea of abundance over scarcity and believe that sharing knowledge with others will improve everyone’s businesses. There’s no better way to learn, than to teach.


If these are values that you can support and you believe you’re a good fit for the LIVLUX family, we want to hear from you!

Simply complete the form at the top of this page and we will contact you to schedule an interview. We look forward to meeting you!